5 Tips to Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal

Are you desperately in need of some curb appeal tips for your home? No matter how much you ignore, first impressions do matter, especially when it comes to the drive-by look of your home. In real estate terms, this is known as “curb appeal”. Though curb appeal is usually associated with selling or buying a home, there are several other reasons to ensure that your yard and home look their best. After all, curb appeal is easily noticeable. On the flip side, it is glaringly visible when it goes missing.

Here are some tips on how to improve curb appeal of your home exterior easily:

  • Get Rid of The Junk

Speaking of easy ways to increase curb appeal, remove anything that is close to an eyesore. This includes lawn furniture, empty planters, dead bushes, unruly garden hoses, and old vehicles. If the item is not necessary or attractive, it is best you replace, sell or toss it away. While you are doing it, find a place that is out of common sight to hide all the recycling cans and garbage. The basic idea is to get rid of the junk.

  • Replace Your Roof

The next among curb appeal tips is your roof. It is not just a vital part of the insulation and weatherproofing system of your home. It accounts for over half your visual exterior, which makes it important to the overall appeal and appearance of your home. Based on the kind of roof you have, or its condition, you can determine if you need to make minor cosmetic changes or replace it completely.

  • Add a Little Color

Adding a dash of color to your front yard with decorative containers, vibrant shrubs and plants are one of the fastest ways to add curb appeal. As you start planning on the flora, consider the style and color of your house. The architecture and design of your home can prove to be a real asset to creating its surrounding gardens.

  • Nurture and Mow Your Lawn

Since lawns occupy a major portion of your front yard, their condition can affect the curb appeal dramatically. In case your home has a rake, mow, edge or lawn, make sure you manicure it. Kill or pull the weeds and keep the lawn fertilized and watered. Consider drought-resistant landscaping, but it can take considerable time and expense to achieve this.

  • Pay Attention to The Front Door

The next on the list of easy ways to increase curb appeal is to focus on your front door. Refinish, paint or wash it if necessary. You can also consider replacing it with a brand new one if it is oddly out of shape. The hardware on the door makes a great deal of difference. Remove damaged hardware and get it polished. Adding a shiny metal kick plate and a bright doormat can add to the door’s elegance.

So, now that you have a concrete list of ways to add curb appeal to our home, why wait? Make your to-do list and let the magic begin!

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